What if you could see what your customers need before they even know they need it?

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Take the guesswork out of picking the right auto parts

Discover our “secret weapon” that predicts the sensors your clients need to keep your stock turning and your revenue growing. Selling auto parts isn’t rocket science. It’s a simple matter of getting the right parts in the right places. So you have what you need when your clients need it. Now, of course, you’ll need engine management sensors for specific vehicles regardless of where you do business. But when it comes to the majority of car makes and models, it’s nearly impossible to predict without the correct data. “What we sold last quarter” isn’t good enough to compete these days. Because what about the parts you didn’t carry that were actually top-sellers in your market? And relying on your customers to let you know what you’re missing isn’t good enough— you need to be prepared with what they need BEFORE they realize they need it. With over 2,500 ABS sensors on the market, how can you know which ones you should stock to maximize your sales?

Introducing “SensorOpps Analytics” by Holstein Parts

Thanks to the miracle of big data, we’re able to access the sales records for every auto part across all the major retailers and distributors nationwide. And it’s not just our sensors— it’s everyone’s parts. SensorOpps will match the part numbers to show you combined sales data for ALL brands. So if you want to know the number-one selling Camshaft Position Sensor in Dallas…

…we can tell you that it’s 2CAM0032. But for ABS sensors, it was the 2ABS0800.

See which parts you need to maximize your sales

But you’re going to be stocking both sensors anyway, right? So, while your SensorOpps report can help you decide how MANY you should be stocking, that’s not where it makes the most difference. The biggest opportunity lies in what you can’t see—parts that don’t hit the nationwide bestseller list but ARE failing at a high rate in your market. When we use SensorOpps to find the gaps in our partners’ assortments, we almost always find huge opportunities hiding in plain sight. And big profit-draining mistakes too. Like a top-25 crankshaft sensor that you don’t even have on the shelf—0r 20 pieces of a part that are going to take you years to move, that’s taking up shelf space (and your valuable inventory dollars).

Don’t make another buying decision without the best data available

The winners in any business are the ones who follow the numbers. If you’re not carrying the parts you need for your market, then you’re giving that business to a competitor. Because they’re going to get that part somewhere. So let the data show you the way— you’ll sell a lot more, and it makes your life a whole lot easier, too.

Get your free SensorOpps report

Are you ready to step on the accelerator toward higher sales and bigger profits? Just reach out to us today, and we’ll use SensorOpps to find the opportunities you’re missing. We will help you find the perfect sensor assortment for your stores or distribution sites. Plus, we’ll show you how Holstein Parts can help you double your profits (or more) in a category that’s set to double over the next decade.