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The Blower Motor Resistor is an electrical component that is a part of the vehicle’s interior heating and air conditioning system. It is responsible for controlling the blower motor’s fan speed. When the fan speed is changed via the dash controls, the blower motor resistor changes the speed of the blower motor. A failed blower motor resistor can cause issues with the entire heating and air conditioning system’s operation. Usually, a bad or failing blower motor resistor will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue.

  • Direct Fit Applications Designed and Manufactured to Meet or Exceed OE specifications
  • Direct replacement kit consisting of the blower motor resistor and harness
  • Restores the blower motor variable speed control to the original peak performance
  • 3 Year / 36,000 Warranty on all Holstein Parts Blower Motor Resistor Kits

Product Details

What does the Blower Motor Resistor do?

The Blower Motor Resistor regulates the amount of hot or cold air from the vehicle’s interior vents. When the fan control on the dash is adjusted, that, in turn, sends a current to the Blower Motor Resistor, which adjusts the fan speed increasing or decreasing the amount of air.

Where is the Blower Motor Resistor located?

The Blower Motor Resistor is located under the dash, attached to or inside the blower motor fan housing.

Will a malfunctioning Blower Motor Resistor cause a check engine light?

In most cases, no, but with newer vehicles having more elaborate systems that check and double-check the status of the vehicle’s systems, it is possible that a faulty Blower Motor Resistor could cause a warning light or code on the vehicle’s information system display.

What are the common causes of failure?

Often the Blower Motor Resistor will fail due to excessive wear on the Blower Motor itself or an incorrect current being sent to the resistor.

How to determine if a Blower Motor Resistor is failing?

Signs of a failing Blower Motor Resistor may be weak or erratic airflow from the vents, or the fan only blows at certain speeds or no airflow at all.

What makes Holstein Parts Blower Motor Resistor Kits the Best?

  • Holstein Parts uses only the highest quality materials and engineering for parts that are truly built to match or exceed the OE part.
  • Holstein Parts Blower Motor Resistor Kits offer superior coverage for domestic and import applications.
  • 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty on all Holstein Parts Blower Motor Resistor Kits



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