Make More Money With Auto Sensors

Holstein Parts makes it easy for distributors and retailers to save up to 40% on top-quality aftermarket sensors.

Proud Partner of the best names in Auto Parts distribution

Our strategy is simple: the best sensors at the best price

Want to grow your profit margins while also boosting your sales?

Holstein Parts offers you OE-quality parts for up to 40% less than the competition. So you can afford to stock the parts you need to grow your sales while also making more profit on each part.

And because we cover over 93% of the SKUs in the parts we make, you don’t need to manage multiple suppliers– we can fill all your needs for ABS, Brake Wear, Engine Management sensors, and more!

We’ll use our proprietary SensorOpps Analytics to optimize your assortments for the parts that actually sell in your area.

And tired of supply-chain hangups? We’ve filled our orders 95% complete over the past 12 months while our “big name” competitors struggled.

Throw in a 1% failure rate and an industry-best 3-year/36k mile warranty, and you’ll see why Holstein has become the sensor brand of choice for smart auto parts retailers from coast to coast.

Plus, The Best Service in the Industry

Get The Parts you Need

Our 95% fill rate post-pandemic for 2021 leads the industry.

Save Shelf Space

Slim packaging lets you fit 5x more sensors in the same space.

Simplify Your Buying

Cover 93% of active sensor SKUs with one ultra-reliable vendor.

Holstein Parts Quality

As Good As the original

Our world-class sourcing and quality control teams work with the same factories that produce the original manufacturer’s (OM) parts to ensure your Holstein sensors match the original for form, fit, and function.

Is there money in Aftermarket Sensor?

Discover How WE grew one client’s sales 400% with SensorOppsTM Analytics!

About Holstein Parts

How do we Do it?

Low prices, top-quality, and industry-best fill rates…sounds too good to be true, right? Discover how Holstein is rewriting the rules of how aftermarket auto part suppliers do business.

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