Holstein - Parts That Perform. Service That Delivers.

Our strategy is simple: the best sensors at the best price

Want to grow your profit margins while also boosting your sales?

Holstein Parts offers you OE-quality parts for up to 40% less than the competition. So you can afford to stock the parts you need to grow your sales while also making more profit on each part.

And because we cover over 93% of the SKUs in the parts we make, you don’t need to manage multiple suppliers– we can fill all your needs for ABS, Brake Wear, Engine Management sensors, and more!

We’ll use our proprietary SensorOpps Analytics to optimize your assortments for the parts that actually sell in your area.

And tired of supply-chain hangups? We’ve filled our orders 95% complete over the past 12 months while our “big name” competitors struggled.

Throw in a 1% failure rate and an industry-best 3-year/36k mile warranty, and you’ll see why Holstein has become the sensor brand of choice for smart auto parts retailers from coast to coast.

How can we give you the best prices, the best quality and the best service? It’s simple...

For years, aftermarket parts manufacturers have controlled the supply chain to puff up their own reputations and create huge profits to keep their shareholders happy.

Meanwhile, the distributors, retailers, and consumers have been forced to pay inflated prices to fund their multi-million-dollar marketing budgets, Manhattan offices, and bloated sales teams.

At Holstein, we’re breaking all the rules of the aftermarket auto parts industry to put our clients first.

We don’t have shareholders or fancy offices. We’re only accountable to ourselves and our customers.

This means we can build a business that works for YOU. To help you generate more sales at a higher profit margin with top-quality automotive sensors.

Holstein is built to serve your needs (Not Ours)

Superior sourcing and Quality Control

We seek out the best factories that produce parts for the original manufacturers, so they know how to create a quality sensor. Plus, our quality control and cataloging teams inspect every shipment and ensure your sensors fit the cars they’re supposed to, every time. Our <1% failure rate proves our dedication to quality.

Efficient, Agile Operations

Our #1 priority is bringing you an affordable alternative to overpriced aftermarket parts. How do we do it? Well, we don’t have an office in Manhattan, stockholders to answer to, hundreds of sales staff, or NASCAR sponsorships. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your clients are your focus.

Prioritize your Success

While our competitors seem content to wait months while your shelves sit empty, we airship inventory to fill your orders 95% complete within 30 days. And if you need a part that you don’t stock, we’ll drop ship it to your store 2-day air. We’ll sacrifice a bit of profit on our end to make sure your stores don’t have to turn away easy sales.

We’re here to Help

Holstein Parts is built to serve you. Whether that’s using SensorOpps Analytics to make sure you have the parts that sell, drop-shipping an order, or hooking you up with prepaid freight, we make your life easier and make you more money. Service is the essence of our company culture. Find out what a difference that makes.

Our team can help match you with the perfect distribution solution for your needs. Whether you want to purchase directly from us or connect with one of our distribution partners, fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you right away.


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