ABS Sensors

Our Active and Passive ABS Sensors program is continuously expanding and currently includes over 700 applications for European, Asian, Korean, and Domestic vehicles. Our product management department identifies new applications as soon as they are released in order to anticipate and fulfill your customers’ needs.

The ABS sensor detects wheel revolutions and sends a signal to the ABS control device. The control device measures all four wheels’ and compares their relative speeds during braking. If necessary, the control device will regulate the brake pressure to one or more wheels to equalize their speeds, preventing the brakes from locking up and allowing the driver to maintain control over the vehicle.

  • 1,000+ suppliable references available for Passenger and Commercial vehicles
  • Market coverage leadership for Asian, Domestic, and European vehicles
  • Holstein Pledge of 100% customer satisfaction on every product
  • 1-year warranty from date of product install