Vehicle Speed Sensors

Our Vehicle Speed Sensors (VSS) are engineered to meet and exceed OE specifications and are constructed of robust materials that ensure the proper fit and function. In addition, our economies of scale allow us to bring you a VSS that is both cost-effective and reliable.

Vehicle Speed Sensors are located at either the transmission or transaxle, depending upon the vehicle’s make. VSS is designed to compute the vehicle’s speed by measuring the transmission or transaxle output, which allows the vehicle to calculate engine functions such as ignition timing, and Air / Fuel ratios, as well as transmission shift points.

VSS can be damaged by moisture, excessive cooling, and heating, transmission contaminates, and road debris. When the VSS fails, the vehicle’s fuel economy is affected, the vehicle can experience rough shifting, the speedometer can fluctuate drastically, and in some instances, the vehicle can be rendered inoperable.